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Chair of Geosensors and Engineering Geodesy

The Chair of Geosensors and Engineering Geodesy (GSEG) was established by the ETH Zurich in August 2012 and is held by Prof. Dr. Andreas Wieser. GSEG represents a geodetic core subject on the one hand, and establishes, due to the strongly interdisciplinary focus, a connection to other engineering and natural sciences on the other hand.

The chair's aim is developing sensors, sensor systems and analytic methods, which can be deployed for continous monitoring - and where possible - controling of critical processes, especially in relation with natural hazards, changes in environment and building projects. The main focus is on the evaluation and prediction of the quality, the optimization of the measurement and analytic methods, as well as the estimation of the relevant information out of large amounts of data. Resarch and development have a strong experimental character, nevertheless, they are based on methodes from parameter estimation and its advancements.

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